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25 September 2019Stripped Naked: The Nude in Art History
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24 June 2020Thomas Heatherwick - A Modern Leonardo?

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Stripped Naked: The Nude in Art History Stella Grace Lyons Wednesday 25 September 2019

The human body has long been a subject for artists and art historians. Looking at nude imagery from Classical Greece up until the present day, this lecture explores the roles of female nudes and male nudes in art. Is the female nude always an object of desire? Are male nudes always symbols of power? What has conditioned us to believe these notions? Are there artists who challenge the conventional gender roles? This talk will investigate these topics and look at how the nude reflects the social attitudes of the time.

Stella Grace Lyons gained her BA in the History of Art with a 1st class in her dissertation from the University of Bristol and her MA in History of Art at the University of Warwick.  She spent a year studying Renaissance art in Italy at the British Institute of Florence and three months studying Venetian art in Venice.  In addition she attended drawing classes at the prestigious Charles H Cecil studios in Florence.  In 2017 Stella was selected by The Arts Society to lecture at the launch of 'Drawing Room Discussions' in association with ROSL ARTS, hosted by Guardian arts correspondent Maev Kennedy.  Stella runs her own art history courses and she is also a regular lecturer in the UK and Europe for the Arts Society, Contemporary Arts Society Wales (CASW), Classical Education Forum, WEA and several travel companies.  Stella also works as an artist's model for the internationally renowned figurative artist, Harry Holland.